The man-made Dhamapur lake is sub matter of our environment petition is the biggest lake in District of Sindhudurg and perhaps next only to Tadoba Lake.A man-made dam was constructed in 1530 by Nagesh Desai a mandlik of Vijaynagar dynasty and villagers.

Dhamapur village strong historical links have been proven by the discovery of ancient hero stones, sati stones along with the images of the deities indicating that Dhamapur has been here since at least the Shilahara period (c. 10th – 11th century CE). As mentioned in Kudaldeshkar Samagr Itihas a dam on Dhamapur lake was built in the year 1530. Dhamapur is referred as Sahmypur (सहम्यपूर) in Nerur village copperplate engraved (ताम्रपट्ट) deed of covenant (दानपत्र) of Emperor (सम्राट) Vijayaditya in the year शके ६२२ (इ.स.७००). It states that on one side of the river is Walavali and on other side across the river is Sahmypur village.

A tourist reader may wonder why special mention is being made of Dhamapur lake again separately when it has been mentioned along with Bhagawti Temple of Dhamapur. This special lake deserves the special mention because of its “uniqueness”. This is the biggest lake in the district [and perhaps next only to Tadoba lake].

The lake is situated between Are and Katta village. This man-made lake was constructed in 1530 by the King Nagesh Desai [A tributary of Vijaynagar dynasty] and has beautiful scenic hill ranges on its two sides. The water is crystal clear and has dense plantation of mango mangos teen grcinia indica (kokam) coconut and areca plam. This is typical fruit of Konkan region. The dense forest and orchard surrounding the lake has made this one of the most beautiful lake in Maharashtra. Tourist easily feels the change in the atmosphere once they reach the spot. The region has also a rich verity of flaura and fauna.

Dhamapur’s outreach is 125 acres with water all the year. Beauty attracts every creature around. Peaceful nature gives a refreshing breeze to everyone. The flora-fauna around and within is treasure of Mother Nature. Not only natives but also migratory birds make their presence.

In 1860 gazetteer Bombay presidency volume-10 gives mythological reference that Dhamapur Lake used to present gold on offerings of flowers by people in need.



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