The Karhateshwar temple is constructed by rulers of Silahara Dynasty who ruled in konkan region between 8th – 13th century. Ganapatipule is the famous destination for tourists as well as pilgrims and this temple is near from Ganapatupule, the konkan itself is called as God’s heaven and these destinations are no different, amazing sea shores, wonderful narrow roads, surrounded by trees always and such soothing environs. Karhateshwar is a must watch. I insist if you are in Ratnagiri then do visit this place, you will certainly feel that divinity. As of now, it is being said that due to the steel and power plant getting expanded a few meters away from this temple, the temple structure is getting weakened and insecure day by day, I hope government would pay attention and do something about it.

Shri Narayanbhau Jog, a Ramdasi, has described the place in following words:

Ekantsthali Ha Suramya Vilase Name Karhateshwar  | Paai Sagar Nitya Ha Vasatase Garjoniya Gambhir ||

एकांतस्थळी हा सुरम्य विलासे नाव काऱ्हाटेश्वर । पाणी सागर नित्य हा वसतसे गरजोनिया गंभीर ।।

कऱ्हाटेश्वर मंदिर | जयगड | रत्नागिरी |

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