रत्नागिरी – आडीवरे – पूर्णगड या रस्त्यावरच कशेळी आहे. इ. स. १२९३ मध्ये अल्लाउद्दीन खिलजीने सौराष्ट्रावर हल्ला केला. प्रभासपट्टण या श्रीकृष्णाच्या राहण्याच्या ठिकाणी सूर्यमंदिरात वेगवेगळ्या आसनांवर बसलेल्या बारा सूर्यमूर्ती होत्या. हल्ला होणार अशी कुणकुण लागल्याने पुजार्‍याने दक्षिणेकडे जाणार्‍या एका व्यापार्‍याच्या गलबतावर मूर्ती चढवल्या. काही मूर्ती घेऊन तो दक्षिणेकडे निघाला. ते गलबत कशेळीजवळ समुद्रकिनार्‍याजवळ अडकले. त्याने त्यातील एक मूर्ती गुहेत आणून ठेवली. नंतर जहाज पुढे गेले. गुहेतील ही मूर्ती लोकांनी किनार्‍यावरून गावात आणली. तेथे हे मंदिर उभे केले. तेच येथील कनकादित्य मंदिर होय.

There are only few temples of God Sun. Hindu philosophers and believers consider Sun as a God. There is an ancient Sun temple at Prabhas Pattan near Veraval in Sourashtra region. One can find some Sun temples in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), Konark, Orisa and Nepal

Kasheli, a very small village in Rajapur Taluka of Ratnagiri district, is the prime attraction for devotees due to a famous and ancient temple of Sri. Kanakaditya (Name of Sun God). Kasheli is at a distance of approximately 30 kms from both Ratnagiri and Rajapur. The temple is having a bright historical background. The deity of God Aditya (one of the names of God Sun) was brought from Prabhas Pattan Sun temple before 800 years. Prabhas Pattan is Lord Krishna’s place. There are so many legends about the temple. Once one boatman was traveling from Veraval port towards South direction. The deity of Aditya was there in the same boat. When the boat was passing through the Kasheli region, the boat had stopped automatically. The boatman tried a lot to sail the boat into the sea. But he failed to do so. Then he has decided to place the deity of God Aditya at the Kaseli port. He had placed the deity into a black cave (approximately 400 sq. feet). Immediately after this, the boat had got the motion for sailing. A great devotee of God Sun, Kanaka, was living at Kasheli. She got the enlightment from God Sun about the deity. Then she had formally constructed a small temple of Aditya with the help of villagers, hence the temple is known as Kanakaditya. The cave is called as “Devachi Kholi” ( God’s room).


Sri. Kanakaditya is very famous spiritual place from Ratnagiri district. Many devotees from Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Amaravati, Belgum, Hubali, Dharwad, Ujjain, Gwailor, Indore are visiting the temple every year. The temple trustees are celebrating five days festival of Ratha-saptami every year. Many spiritual programs like Kirtan, Pravachan, Aarati, Palakhi etc are organized during the festival period.

King Shilahar of Panhalgad (a hill fort) had donated kasheli village to Shri. Govind Bhat Bagawat in the service of Brahmins. Govind Bhat was the worshiper of Kanakaditya deity. Progeny of Govind Bhat are the current care takers of the temple

This video gives an overview of the story of the Sun Temple, Kanakaditya Temple situated in a village called Kasheli, Ratnagiri dist. Maharashtra, INDIA. (This is a mass-media student project)


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