History of Tandoor(The word tandoor is the corruption of the original Sanskrit word Kund meaning a large bowl)

Takes us back by 5000 years to Indus valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient India. Traces of tandoors were found from the excavation of these historical sites. Use of tandoor however is not limited to only the Indian subcontinent; people use tandoor in West and Central Asia as well. Traces of tandoor have also been found in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. However, modern tandoor was brought to India by the Mughals. Portable tandoor was invented much later during the reigns of Jahangir, a Mughal ruler. It is said that portable tandoor was carried by a team of cooks whenever he travelled.

History of tandoor will be incomplete if we do not mention Guru Nanak Dev – the founder of Sikh religion. He encouraged the use of tandoor. In order to remove caste barriers and promote equality amongst people, he urged them to build sanjha chulha (common oven) in their neighbourhood. This concept of community oven not only helped in removing caste and class barriers, but also became a meeting point of women who got an opportunity to chat and gossip around the sanjha chulha.

Despite the long history of tandoor, tandoori cooking was not common in Delhi till 1947. It was then that the Punjabi refugees brought tandoor to Delhi. Finally tandoori cuisine took its root in India and now there will be hardly anyone who would not salivate on hearing about tandoori chicken, tandoori roti, naan and other delicacies.

The History of Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is delicious and everyone knows it’s a dish popular all over the world. But where did it originate?

Sounds unbelievable, but historians are said to have found the first evidence of a meat preparation which looked like Tandoori Chicken in the ruins of Harappa.

Tandoor like clay ovens and chicken bones with char marks dated 3000 BC are said to have been unearthed at the excavation sites.

Many believe that tandoori chicken was first introduced by Kundan in Peshawar before partition in 1947.

Kundan was the first to dig a tandoor right in the middle of his eatery in Gora Bazaar, Peshawar.

While Gujral is credited with inventing the tandoori chicken dish, it is debated that the origin dates back even further to the Mughal era.

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