In the year 2002 Mr. Kaustubh Sawant , Mr. Suhas Thakurdesai and 03 other friends decided to start the hotel business. They took over Hotel Surabhi at TRP on lease agreement.

They ran the business smoothly upto 2009. During this tenure 03 friends due to their prior priorities in different fields decided to leave the group on friendly & mutually agreeable terms. Later the property owner decided to run the hotel all by himself.

Then Mr. Kaustubh Sawant & Mr. Suhas Thakurdesai had a word with the owner of Ambarr Hall and opted for the lease agreement with him along with opening up a new restaurant called” Harsha Terrace Garden” above the Ambarr hall in 2009. After the completion of 02 years and now confident of the business in Restaurant they took up another challenge in Ganpatipule – Hotel Annapurna. There they came very close to Tourism since Ganpatipule is a tourist destination. They managed the same very successfully and were successful in trying out new schemes for tourists.

Their confidence grew and simultaneously launched a new company called “SURUCHI – Event Management And Outdoor Catering ” their passion in Catering helped them to get a contract for the then upcoming Elections viz: Loksabha & Vidhan Sabha, 2014 where they were given a chance to do catering for the entire Ratnagiri District at 05 Places simultaneously at a time.  Collector – Ratnagiri was also very pleased with respect to service and the quality of food they served.

This motivated them to look upto the growth of the business and along with relatives, close associates and well wishers took over a small Café Unit called ” Café Vaishali”, 2014, in the main market on lease agreement and is still doing good as on today. In the year 2015 they got an opportunity to run a Executive Hotel called “Hotel Maratha Residency” near J K Files. They had an experience in running the catering business till now and this was their first experience for lodging. But since it is also related to Hospitality business extra efforts made them successful and over a period of time “Hotel Maratha Residency” has earned a reputable name in the Market.

They decided to proceed on the path where of all their businesses should be interrelated. This thought made them start a tour company called “Harsha Holidays” in the year 2016, marketing and selling Ratnagiri as a Tourist Destination and not just another transit place was the main intention.

While surveying on how do they make Ratnagiri as a destination as against transit place made them think that there need to be activities for the tourists to stay back and enjoy. The activity should be of International Standard and should be appealing to the tourists. They came up with an idea to start water related activities and what other than “Scuba” would be more appealing.

After quite a long research they finally decided to start a company called” Harsha Scuba Diving”, 2017 at Mirya Beach, Ratnagiri. Simultaneously they were also thinking to create openings to earn revenue to the local people and help them start their own revenue earning module revolving around the main activity.  Now this is what they always use to say as “Promoting Ratnagiri as Tourist Destination”.

In near future with the help of their own company “Harsha Holidays” coming out with packages to promote Ratnagiri took a step in buying a 23 rooms Hotel property “Hotel Sea Fans” on Mandvi Beach, Ratnagiri. Now they are moving steadily yet with full of confidence to categorise the said property as a 3 – Star in Ratnagiri. After taking over the property they immediately renovated the hall into AC with all provisions for a conference. They are mostly keen on Residential conferences along with other parties. They have also planned a nice seat out “Food Court” overlooking the Arabian sea and very elite Restaurant.

All the above business are under “Maitree” brand and as Sole Proprietorship. Since last 14 years Mr. Kaustubh Sawant & Mr. Suhas Thakurdesai have achieved the goal and on the verge of reaching to new heights, with the help of inputs & support from their relatives, friends and well wishers.