The monsoon brings with it an array of cravings. Some fried, some deep fried and certain other crunchy, sweet or salty cravings. We seek comfort in food that is enticing and appetizing. The best way to enjoy the weather is with a plate full of deep fried pakoras. Pakoras are wrapped in besan or gram flour, crispy snack where seafood and other vegetables, chicken, seafood  are coated in a light batter and fried golden.

The word pakora is derived from Sanskrit pakvavata, a combination of pakva “cooked”, and vata, “a small lump”. Most sources indicate that pakoras originated in Gujarat, in Western India. Gujaratis traditionally eat pakoras at tea-time.

Quite popular during monsoon time as pakoras goes very well with a cup of Tea. the recipes for making pakoras have more or less the same Indian spices and herbs and often vary in their proportions. Each state of India have their own variation in making pakoras, so the recipes do differ and so does the flavour and taste.

Onion Pakora- Recipe on page 2 | Bhindi Pakora – Recipe on page 3 | Chicken Pakora -Recipe on page 4 | 

Fish Pakora – Recipe on page 5  

Baingan/Eggplant Pakora – Recipe on page 6Rice Pakora – Recipe on page 7


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