The Nobel laureate loved playing with cuisines as much as he loved juggling with emotions in his poems, songs, stories, paintings and much more. Here’s taking a little peek into the foodie side of Rabindranath Thakur.

Rabindranath would himself experiment and make different kind of omelettes and kebabs.  Among his favourite kebabs, which reportedly came out of the Thakurbari kitchen, quite a few were influenced from the recipes he brought back from Turkey and Afghanistan

Unique Short Recipes from The Tagore’s Kitchen


Fish Stir-fry (Maach Chachchari)

 Fish Stir-fry (Maach Chachchari)

Fry the fish. You’ll need potatoes and onions. Heat oil to fry onions and then add the potatoes.  When the potatoes turn brown, add turmeric and red chili paste. Add salt and green chili. You may add tomatoes if you’d like. After frying the spices, add water and cover.  Add fish to the boiling sauce. Cook till the gravy thickens.



Mourala Fish

Mourala Fish (Anchovies) Sour (Mourala Maacher Ambal): 

Fry the fish in oil, then add turmeric. Add green tamarind puree. Add sugar and salte to taste and cook till the sauce thickens. Ripe tamarind puree can also be used.





Egg Chao Chao: 

Eggs – 4; Onions – 6; Dry red chili whole – 4; Garlic –  4 cloves; A pinch of turmeric, little cumin seeds (jeera), salt and clarified butter (ghee). Make a paste of red chilies, garlic, turmeric, and cumin. Slice the onions into fine shred.  Heat ghee on a pan and fry the onions. Add the spice paste and fry well. Break the eggs and mix it into spices. Cook in low heat. When the egg cooks and turn reddish, add a little water and salt. When the water dries off, the dish is done.


Keema Dahi Vada

Keema Dahi Vada (Fried meat balls in yogurt): 

Mix minced meat (lamb or goat), boiled potatoes, minced green chilies, onions, and salt. Add eggs and some garam masala and make a dough. If the dough is too soft, add bread to the mix. Make small balls and fry.  Beat yogurt with a pinch of salt. Add roasted red chili and cumin powder to the yogurt and blend. Add the fried meat balls to the yogurt. Garnish with good quality ghee (clarified butter).

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Compiled from a study of various sources, websites and articles available on Rabindranath Tagore. Any addition, clarification or correction will be taken as a value-addition and not a criticism

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