Spinach or palak is loaded with nutrients whether you eat it raw or cooked. It not only provides you with vitamins and folate but also gives you a good dose of antioxidants that play a major role in your body s health and disease prevention.

Adding palak to your diet will also boost your metabolism and help you burn calories in a much faster rate than usual. It is rich in fibre that will keep you full for a longer time keeping hunger pangs at bay. Eating spinach can also contribute to a healthy skin and clearer vision.

Now that you know some of the numerous benefits, its time you incorporate Spinach into your diet.



Some of the “Spinach Delicacies” from Harsha Terrace Garden Restaurant – Ratnagiri are given below

Chicken Palak, Aloo Palak, Paneer Palak, Spinach Soup, Palak Raita, Palak Rice….

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